F.08 ‘How To’ Guidance in delivering E-Commerce & Content Management project

Delivering E-Commerce and Content Management projects requires managers & leaders to have comprehensive knowledge about E-Commerce, Content Management; and also Customer Relationship Management and Community (Social). Moreover knowledge of ERP, Order Management, Fraud Management, Online Payment, and Compliance are also critical. This program provides participants a foundation across these topics, how they are dependent and integrated. 

F.06 Foundation Program in Innovation

Participants shall be able to undertake initiatives within their organizations or with their clients, in generating innovative solutions to their pain points or trigger events. The knowledge from the program has use in any stage of your product or service life-cycle.

A C A D E M Y   P R O G R A M S

F.02 Foundation Program in Problem Solving

The Foundation Program in Problem Solving brings a unique curriculum that combines statistical tools & methods, innovative thinking and governance & management of technology book of knowledge to broad-base and expose participants to a comprehensive range of techniques in problem solving.

F.05 ‘How To’ Guidance in Agile & Scrum

The program takes participants through the
entire delivery process using Scrum method of planning, estimation and review. A detailed
review of Scrum roles and the concept of Product backlog and user stories.

P.02 ‘How To’ Guidance in Change Management

The program will focus on 3 key areas of change management viz. Organizational Change, Stakeholder Mobilization & Communications & Training. The curriculum integrates ‘experience in classroom’ where participants shall discuss and
understand application of change management for medium & large projects in the context
of project preparedness and factors critical to project success.

P.04 Metric driven project management

How to measure and monitor projects using quantitative techniques. Scope Management, Quality Management, Monitoring and Reporting, Percentage Completion, Schedule Performance, Cost Performance, Effort Performance, Productivity, Cost to Serve, Contribution Margin, Cash Flow. This program will provide comprehensive skills in Earned Value Analysis (EVA).

F.01 Foundation Program in Benefits Management

This course provides structured approach to ensuring the delivery of business
benefits and Tracing their journey from identification to benefits realization.

F.04 ‘How To’ Guidance in Governance & Management of Enterprise IT

This program will help enterprise IT and Business teams create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits, optimizing risk levels and resource use.

P.01 Practitioner Program in Business Transformation

The program will impart skills (tools & methods),
industry knowledge (leading practices) and hands-on expertise (real world business scenarios), equipping participants to plan, initiate and drive transformational programs within their organizations or for their clients.

P.06 Student Experience Management

The objective of the workshop is that participants return with a greater level of sensitization to youth issues. Have an understanding of the role as a mentor and also necessary skills like empathizing and active listening in order to be able to handle the issues effectively. Will adopt tools of innovation and design thinking to bring out creative ideas and solutions to meet student challenges. Create a plan for implementation with other stakeholders to create an eco-system where youth can flourish and improve their abilities.

F.07 ‘How To’ Guidance in modelling business & IT assets

This program will bring a new way of thinking that will help you get a clear picture of how your business works. The modelling will allow you to create a visual map of your business. A map that shows: How your business works. The assets that make it work. The inter-dependencies between the assets.

F.03 Foundation Program in Project Governance & Management

The program is based on PMBOK. The program is unique in imparting foundation level project management training. The program introduces real world project management tools and methods. Participants will receive an end-to-end project delivery experience in the classroom, paving way for a career in project management; and enhancing their existing skills and experience.