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Lateral hiring is a practice of hiring experts, who bring skills and experience that align with organization's band or level into which they are recruited. It is assumed that they would self-integrate into organization's culture. However for successful lateral hiring there are several challenges to be overcome viz. building a strong business/hiring case, identifying a senior leader who would champion this hire, make a competitive offer , and most importantly avoid alienation once the hire on-boards.

Let us review some of the lateral hire use cases across industries & businesses and functions:


An expert that can improve
media buying: the role requires you to negotiate, purchase and monitor advertising space and airtime on behalf of clients. The aim is to reach the highest number of people in the target audience at the lowest possible cost. 

Monitor social media comments: you are required to engage in social listening to gain insights into your customers, competitors, and industry influencers. This is a critical role as how you listen and engage with social media channels will dictate your online presence and brand sentiment. 

One-to-one personalization: you key responsibilities include collecting, analyzing, leveraging data on customers & prospects, their buying patterns or their click-thru, their interactions to deliver one-to-one personalized messages and products. 


Financial Trading: this role requires you to buy and sell financial instruments like stocks, bonds commodities, derivatives and mutual funds traded in stock markets, derivatives markets and commodity markets. It is mandatory that you bring expert level capabilities in forecasting to vital trading decisions to maximize gain and reduce risks. 

Insurance sales agents: As sales agent you will sell insurance (auto, home, health, life). You will be responsible for gathering customer or product information and verify the accuracy of records.

Insurance Underwriter: You will be responsible for assessing risks to determine premium for policyholder. You will also be responsible for gathering customer or product information and verify the accuracy of records. 

Bank Teller: your key responsibility is to check accuracy of financial data, while dealing with cash and other instruments like cheque, demand drafts, pay orders. 

Mortgage broker: The role requires you to enable mortgage loans on behalf of individuals and businesses. You will spend significant time in processing applications and will be a key performance indicator 

Trading Analyst: Do you have a fascination for quantitative models that improve prediction. Predictions about stock, bonds, commodities and other financial instruments. Most importantly you are an internet geek, who is able to ingest data with news reports, tweets and keep up with latest research. A zest for continuous learning.


Detect/ deter security intrusions: You should be able to check website vulnerabilities, like a hacker. Be able to detect leak of email, phone number, profiles from our website. Make sure no one is able to download our premium research articles without valid membership.

IT help desk ticket resolution: You should be able to provide pro-active service and resolution of help desk tickets. Install company certified programs, software patch, upgrades across 60 countries, where we have operations. 80,000 desktops, servers and laptops.

Review Code, SOD violations: We have over 2000 IT roles and 300 business roles. 80+ in-house software applications. You will be expected to review code of software applications. You should be able to identify violations of Segregation Of Duties (SOD)


Customer experience agent: You will be responsible for fostering culture of customer-led design and collaboration to drive customer experience and not just customer transaction. You will work with travelers at airport lounge, baggage counters. Be their travel assistant. Solve their initial queries. Chat with them in-person, on phone and online. Add customers to your contact list.


Logistics Analyst: You will be responsible for verifying production capacity- availability of raw, semi-finished; verifying shipment produced. Responsible for coordinating picking from warehouse. Plan and ship to warehouse. Track inventory across the supply chain- from warehouse to retail outlet. Manage customer, last-minute, changes to delivery location. Plan and design last mile delivery to customers.


Recruitment specialist: You will be responsible for reviewing job descriptions for demand raised by various business units. Source resumes, from our database, 3rd party providers and also be able to browse the internet to find matching profiles- irrespective of whether they have applied or not. You should reach out to matching profiles and invite them to apply.

Retaining resources: You will be responsible for predicting employees who could quit, who are not happy, who are not productive. Design ways to analyze tone of their emails, distance from teams, years in company, number of supervisors had, time spent on non-work related sites.


Analyse medical reports: Analyse X-Rays, CT scans and thousands of them each day.


As you would have noticed, all the above roles require years of experience, hands-on expertise, intense data analysis, even as they are routine. These roles require fusion of the physical, digital and biological spheres. Innovation at core. Speed to deliver these responsibilities is exponential- is it even humanly possible? These roles require knowledge acceleration, high level of engagement with data, customers, unstructured information (conversation) and ability to generate & provide insight.

But if these roles are done well, they have potential to improve customer and employee experience. Improve, monitor, de-risk. Have high financial impact- increase revenue.

Welcome Artificial Intelligence, the new lateral hire. You come highly recommended!