Delivering value

Traditionally AMS programs focus on the Deliver stack with detailed activities in Transition, Baseline and finally Steady State phase. The Deliver stack is governed and managed using Service Level Agreement (SLA) based framework. DOT1 framework integrates it’s Advisory, Delivery and Optimize service portfolios to enable a holistic approach to Application Maintenance Support (AMS). The framework is comprehensive, open and flexible, and current to your organization. 

Creating value

The tool-set helps managers:

  • Predict performance
  • Plan realistic goals and
  • Improve performance
  • It helps leadership:
  • Pre-empt escalations
  • Improve accountability and
  • Convincingly drive a point to client and onsite delivery leads

ams reporting

Value proposition

​DOT1 believes:

  • What gets measured gets focused
  • What gets focused gets improved
  • What gets improved gets rewarded
  • What gets rewarded gets noticed
  • What gets noticed gets institutionalized

DOT1 brings a project reporting and monitoring tool-set that is comprehensive, rigorous and metric driven. It can be applied to all stages of the project life-cycle.