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The expression “connect the dots” relates to a type of puzzle in which an image is reduced to a series of dots outlining the perimeter of an object. For most people it is difficult to determine what the object is simply by looking at the dots. However, if one takes a pen or pencil and by drawing lines to connect the dots in numerical order the outline and thus the identification of the object becomes obvious.

The phrase “connect the dots,” is a way of suggesting to someone that if he/she considers various pieces of evidence related to a given subject, and then mentally considers them in the aggregate, then that person can see the obvious truth about the matter under discussion or consideration.

DOT1 is helping companies connect the Dots across its business and organization through its Service Products. Clustered under our growth engines of AdviseDeliver and Optimize our unique Service products ensure that your initiatives across people, process and technology lead to real measurable transformation.

Our three lines of Business which include management consulting, technology services and people transformation are powered by our Service products; and our Knowledge products (our people who help you connect the Dots in your business transformation journey). Our Service Products come packaged with 'A Value proposition', 'Steps on How Value is created' & 'How Value is then Delivered'.

DOT1 is a young and vibrant start-up organization incorporated in 2014, founded by experienced professional, with an eye to realizing customer’s business outcomes.

We are a Management Consulting, Technology Services and People Transformation Company who believes in giving our customers a great experience. While doing what we love and we love what we do.

At DOT1 our passion for what we do drives who we are and what we do. We are a coming together of individual professionals who bring in years of experience, expertise and energy that will make our engagement with you an absolutely enjoyable experience.

We combine our Advisory services, with the ability to Deliver what we Advise and we also help Optimize customers’ operations by LOB through our industry domain expertise. The portfolios at DOT1 complement each other in a unique way that allow companies to stay “Situationally ready” and outperform themselves and competition.

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