Delivering value

Benefits drive the transformational journey and determine what outputs and changes are needed. The thinking has to start from the strategic outcomes and work backwards. It is common for organizations to start with the solution (such as an IT system or a new process) and then look for the benefits to justify it. This is a fundamental flaw and often a reason for change initiatives failing.Benefits are embedded into DOT1’s transformation framework, reviewed in every phase of your portfolio, program or project.

Creating value

There are 3 principal reasons for defining benefits:

  • Making a difference: Customers will judge the success of transformation by the magnitude and value they see. They need to see a different business, a new business.
  • Justifying transformation: To justify the change program, a Full Business Case must be produced that puts the required investment into an equation with the benefits that will be achieved by the investment. That will allow leaders to make a judgement on whether the investment is worth it.
  • Proving success: At the end of the transformation journey, benefits can be measured and they will be used to prove the success of the change program. Success is not just measured at the end of journey, but progress towards benefits should be monitored


Value proposition

​DOT1 drives a unique Benefits management work-stream that dovetails in to portfolio, program or projects. It is a structured approach to ensuring the delivery of business benefits and tracing their journey from identification to benefits realization​