The methodology creates Business &IT diagrams (B&ITs). B&ITs provide a framework to document and model how people, process technology interact to make a business work. It consists of Stakeholder and Business Process Layers, coupled with IT Layers that enable data-flow which makes businesses work.

B&IT Modelling works at three levels:

A clear holistic picture: B&IT diagrams. enable the user to create a clear model of the business that can be easily understood.

Business knowledge:once the model is created, any information (cost, value, support, manpower) can be linked to each element in the model and reported against.

Dynamic model: each individual B&IT diagram can be considered as a model, allowing the following to be performed: Stakeholder analysis, Portfolio management, ‘What-if’ analysis, Business case development, Financial analysis, Risk analysis, Security analysis.

DOT1 Solutions Private Limited

DOT1 brings a new way of thinking that will help you get a clear picture of how your business works. The modeling will allow you to create a visual map of your business. A map that shows: How your business works, The assets that make it work, The inter-dependencies between the assets. It is designed with the belief that with clarity and vision you can develop and improve:  Clarity: create easy-to-read diagrams which help remove ambiguity from business decision-making. Vision: this allows you to anticipate issues and challenges which can prevent a business from achieving it’s goals  Develop: enhance business capability through the successful program and project implementation. Improve: enhance business performance  through better operational management