Value propostion

DOT1 believes that incremental change is insufficient and it is necessary to fundamentally rethink and radically redesign what a business or organization does in order that it can flourish in a changing world. Business transformation brings radical change in three principal areas of business- processes, organizational structure and technology. It’s purpose is to help deliver the improvements and benefits that business seeks for (a) Customers- better services and products (b) Employees- greater job satisfaction (c) Efficiency- better use of resources, doing more for less money.

Transformation programs are engaging and draw heavily on organization resources. It requires time and effort to effectively bring change. Managing transformational change is a vision-led, benefits-driven journey. It finds acceptance and ultimately success through management of people emotional change curve and management of benefits life-cycle from identification, enablement to realization of benefits.

Business Transformation programs bring change and improvement to known problems. However it may lack agility in solving problems you don’t know yet. Hence not preparing you to be Situationally ready.

Business Transformation Outsourcing program enables businesses to stay Situationally ready through outsourcing of pain-point business processes to strategic partners. Partners who have experience in the trenches, hands-on expertise and knowledge of how the global best work and run their business. The partner works in close collaboration to continuously improve & systematically transform your business, delivering quick benefits and reducing time-to-market. Your BTO partner not just improves or manages the business process, but is empowered to re-design it if necessary.

In traditional outsourcing, business process is outsourced to partner as it is non-core and primarily for cost take-on. The partner supports the process and is monitored on Service Levels agreed.

BTO agreements almost resemble joint ventures where you share risks and gains with BTO partner.

Transformation programs may require multiple skills and knowledge to be brought together e.g. problem solving methods, improvement tools and techniques (qualitative and statistical), innovation, enterprise IT governance and management. Through outsourcing of business transformation, the strategic partner may bring deep skills in all these areas and provide a comprehensive framework to problem solving and solution generation.

Moreover the strategic BTO partner will bring strong domain and functional knowledge of business processes, which are part of BTO, in order to manage, improve, innovate, optimize and re-design.

DOT1 is one of the pioneer's in Business Transformation Outsourcing and stays invested in this service area. DOT1's BTO framework will bring a unique & holistic approach; and toolsets to business transformation outsourcing. Unique approach in helping business and their BTO partners identify, define and solve both routine problems, where known solutions exist, and creative problems, where known solutions are not effective & there are no ready-made answers. Holistic approach encompassing process improvement & new process design; innovation; enterprise IT governance & management. And toolsets that are (1) Statistical (2) Qualitative (3) Creative.