Kirloskar Systech Limited

Kirloskar Brothers, 100+ year manufacturing company, decided to hive off its 2 cost centres viz. IT and System Engineering and convert it into a profit centre by creating a 100% subsidiary called Kirloskar Systech Pvt Ltd.(KSL) Very soon into the journey it was realized that there is a big difference in selling and delivering value that comes out of the box (in a product) vs selling and delivering value from within oneself (in services).

DOT 1 was engaged to come up with a corporate portfolio strategy, build the business and achieve operational excellence.

DOT1 initiated the engagement with a "Situational Readiness" workshop which was attended by the senior leaders of KSL, the vertical heads and the LOB heads among other key members. 

After helping them understand what it takes to stay situationally ready and the key differences in managing a services business as against managing a manufacturing business the organization was given a new go-to-market structure. The two verticals created were system engineering and IT. The LOBs under System Engineering that already existed were Service and Products and under IT they were Business, Software Development and Infra.

As a DOT1 "Outside-In" approach to ensure that the external market was able to recognize the synergies between and across the LOBs it was decided to give the entire business a new theme.The theme created was as follows: The System Engineering LOB’s were re-named as Consult and innovate (instead of service and products) and the LOBs in IT were renamed Enable, Connect and Run (instead of Business, Software Development and Infra).  

DOT1 also worked closely with KSL, building business thru Sales Enablement and Delivery Enablement workshops:

  • Sales collaterlas for all the LOBs,Corporate Positioning, Sales Monitoring sheet, Planning,Forecasting by Quarters

  • Governance and management organization structure, identification and implementation of delivery tools and methods, setup standard industrialization program

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Delivering value

  • DOT1 provides a vision-led, benefits driven approach.
  • A holistic approach that ensures stakeholder needs influence and cascade down the enterprise.
  • A rigorous reporting and monitoring tool-set that includes lagging and leading indicators to monitor strategic planning.
  • And methods to manage business and people transformation, especially in managing value and realizing benefits; with an eye on managing people emotional change curve. 
  • Benchmark against the global best. 
  • Fueled by our industry practitioner research and insights.

Creating value

DOT1 "Situational Readiness" Framework, brings agility in planning, combining the tactical with long-term planning.  The framework is a comprehensive and unique approach:

  • "Leverage, Enhance, Align, Nurture (LEAN)" people, process, technogy and the linkages that exist between these assets and capabilities
  • "Outside-in" where we bring the external (business & marketplace) view to the inside (organization)
  • "How To Guidance" where we provide intervention to accelerate planning and execution
  • "Resource Thinking", DOT1's unique leadership tool that helps businesses identify, optimize, reallocate resources in an effort to implement adaptive corporate strategy

corporate portfolio strategy

Value proposition

DOT1 propagates "Situational Readiness" as the bedrock for businesses to design their corporate strategy. Agility is key in this volatile, highly competitive and digitally transformed marketplace; and most importantly in a 'flat-world'. Constant review of Go-To-Market and flexibility in strategic planning is critical to adapt, survive and grow. DOT1 believes that the Annual Operating Plan review as the only means for reviewing and monitoring corporate strategy will not hold businesses in good stead and they stand in high-risk of not being able to constantly evolve and innovate; and find different ways of delivering value to it's customers. DOT1 dovetails it's Systematic Approach to Resource Thinking, a leadership tool, into your strategic planning.