Delivering value

DOT1 brings an holistic approach to capturing CRM requirements and selection of best-fit CRM platform. Requirements are understood across 4C: CRM, Content, Community and Commerce.As part of understanding CRM requirements we identify stakeholder drivers & needs. Cascade them to enterprise goals (e.g. in enterprise sales & marketing function). Our knowledge products bring in best practices in CRM implementation, quality management processes to your CRM program, build a robust CRM design, and deliver what we advise.

Creating value

DOT1 digital transformation builds digital capability through SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) technologies. DOT1 digital transformation provides digital coverage through the 4C (CRM, Content Commerce and Community). 

CRM consulting

Value proposition

DOT1 defines digital transformation as radical change impacted by use of technology. Digital transformation will radically improve performance or reach of an enterprise. DOT1’s digital transformation framework applies to new digital entrants or high-tech companies; and most importantly to traditional companies with decades of history and legacy.

DOT1 knowledge products bring:

  • CRM experience in the trenches, having solutioned, architected and delivered CRM end-to-end implementation projects, upgrades, roll-outs and application support
  • Hands-on expertise across CRM technology platforms viz. SAP, Oracle and custom
  • Knowledge on how the global best, across industries e.g. manufacturing, retail, electronics, media, logistics, auto, finance, and oil & gas have designed and implemented CRM processes and solutions