Curating specialization programs in Digital Transformation

​Governance & management

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​Our Practitioners have been instrumental in curating and assisting academia in building  & delivering focused and custom programs in domains including Business Process Improvement, Innovation, Change Management, Program Governance & Management and Digital Transformation. Here DOT1 provides a guidance to academia on how they could chalk out specialization programs in Digital Transformation.

Business & Digital Transformation

Information is a key resource for all enterprises. IT is increasingly advanced and has become pervasive in enterprises and in social, public and business environments. As a result, today, more than ever, enterprises and their executives strive to: Maintain high-quality information to support business decisions. Generate business value from IT-enabled investments. Achieve operational excellence through reliable and efficient application of technology. Optimize the cost of IT services and technology. This program will help build knowledge on how enterprise IT and Business teams can create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits, optimizing risk levels and resource use. The program will build strong body of knowledge in CIO advisory. 

This specialization will include the following knowledge areas:

Governance & management of Digital
Digital Project governance & management
Agile & Scrum
Metric driven project management

Organizations, small or large, embark on business process improvement initiatives as part of continuous improvement or in response to a pain point or trigger event. Teams use techniques ranging from brain-storming to statistical methods in defining problems to identifying improvement areas. Digital Transformation may require teams to address problems for which known solutions may not exist. Solution generation techniques, will therefore, also range from process re-design to innovation. The Program brings a unique curriculum that combines statistical tools & methods, innovative thinking and governance & management of technology book of knowledge to broad-base and expose participants to a comprehensive range of techniques. The program will build strong body of knowledge in operations advisory. 

This specialization will include the following knowledge areas:

Big Picture modeling
Creative Problem Solving
Digital Change

​​​Business process improvement & innovation

The need to change the way organizations operate has never been greater. Incremental change is insufficient and it is necessary to fundamentally rethink and radically redesign what a business or organization does in order that it can flourish in a changing world. Transformational change is a complex process, requiring clear direction, excellent planning and specialist resources. This specialization focuses not just on business lead transformation but also on Digital Transformation. The program will build strong body of knowledge in strategic advisory. 

This specialization will include the following knowledge areas:

Managing Digital Transformational Change

Benefits Management

E-Commerce and Content Management