Global Institute – Academy. A unique People Transformation Engine that accelerates the talent within your organization and in you the individual, to gain a competitive advantage.

Helps clients transform the way they do business and create significant performance improvement, through our rigorous & globally-focused research; and objective insights & analysis.

Our Global Institute is unique, in being able to go beyond analysis & research, beyond presentation slides- and actually develop new products, product extensions, product improvements.

In line with DOT1's engagement philosophy- the Global Institute Delivers what it Advises and Optimizes what it Delivers.

GIMSC – Global Industrialized Managed Services Centre Shared pool of support resources, tools, and methods in SAP, Kronos, Java, Dot Net

The major drivers for DOT1’s GIMSC value proposition are the need to:

  • Provide more stakeholders a say in determining what they expect from the program
  • Address the increasing dependency of enterprise success on external partners
  • Deal with the amount of information to make effective and efficient business solutions
  • Provide further guidance in the area of innovation and emerging technologies
  • Cover the full end-to-end business and IT functional responsibilities
  • Achieve enterprise goals and objectives
  • Value creation through effective and innovative use
  • Business user satisfaction with program and services
  • Compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and policies
  • Improved relations between business needs and program goals

GDC – Global Delivery Centre. Shared pool of technical resources in SAP ABAP, Cloud, Mobility, DBA, SAP BASIS, SAP Security, SAP BI, Kronos WFD, Kronos WTK, Java, Dot Net 

Improve Productivity and reducing Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Build Reusable Technical Library of Reports, Interfaces, Conversions,Enhancements, Forms, Workflows (Code, Functional Specification Documents, Technical Specification Documents)
  • Provide Development Standards
  • Provide dashboards including development tracker for projects, Quality Assurance 
  • Tools: Build Tool to measure and correct Code Quality, Repository for Data Migration/Cut-over, Mapping Business Process to technical components for improved analysis


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