DOT1 Solutions Private Limited

Digital: Management of Value

Digital Transformation: Delivering Value

As you embark on your Digital Transformation journey, keep in mind the tools, methods, capabilities, and skills you need to develop or procure or outsource:

  1. Coverage: CRM, Content Management, E-Commerce, Community (Social)
  2. Capabilities: Social, Mobility, Analytics, Internet of Things
  3. Tools, Methods that help in advisory, consulting and delivery:

  • E-strategy (E-preparedness assessment, Information Architecture (IA), Creative design conceptualization to production & development, Integration, Compliance, Payment Gateway, Content Authoring & Publishing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO))
  • Digital dynamics: modeling Business & IT
  • Governance and management of digital transformation program

Digital Transformation: Creating value in Use

The digital transformation roadmap, design, and delivery will include technologies, processes, people, and outcomes.  It will be driven by Digital Capability, Digital Coverage and Digital Dynamics.

Digital Transformation: Value proposition

  • Digital transformation is radical change impacted by the use of technology
  • Digital transformation will radically improve the performance or reach of an enterprise
  • It applies to new digital entrants or high-tech companies; and most importantly to traditional companies with decades of history and legacy
  • It addresses three principal areas for change in the business- processes, organization structure, and technology
  • Its purpose is to help deliver the improvements and benefits that business seeks for:
  • Customers- customer experience
  • Employees- greater job satisfaction
  • Efficiency- re-envisioning operational processes and business models
  • Digital transformation builds digital capability through SMACT (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and IoT- Internet of Things) technologies
  • Digital transformation provides digital coverage through the 4C (CRM, Content Commerce and Community)
  • Digital transformation outlines the digital dynamics by providing data flow view and analysis-how data flows in digital systems to enable & enhance business process and organization