Delivering value

DOT1 Digital Transformation framework integrates the E-commerce Readiness, 4C tools and methods, Digital Capability and Digital Dynamics.The comprehensive approach encompasses marketing/ branding and creatives, content sourcing, verification, back-end customer relationship management processes, compliance, online payment gateway, online social presence, analytics and mobile. 

Creating value

DOT1 digital transformation builds digital capability through SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) technologies. DOT1 digital transformation provides digital coverage through the 4C (CRM, Content Commerce and Community).


Value proposition

​DOT1 defines digital transformation as radical change impacted by use of technology. Digital transformation will radically improve performance or reach of an enterprise. The framework is flexible and can be easily tailored to projects and programs of different scale, or brought in to use at different points in their life-cycle. The framework applies to new digital entrants or high-tech companies; and most importantly to traditional companies with decades of history and legacy.