Hareesh Malli

Head Kronos 

Product Development

AI: Getting Started

Hareesh brings Technology Consulting and Delivery experience, and is an expert in Kronos Application. He has delivered over 15+ Kronos projects across industries and across the globe. He has worked in various roles including Technical & Application Consultant, Solution Consultant and Integration Expert. He has delivered solutions in the area of WTK, WIM, Contract Workforce Management, Visitor Management, Canteen Management and Gate Pass implementation. He has implemented solutions On-Premise and On-Cloud. And brings hands-on expertise in delivering complex Interfaces, Reports, Custom module implementation. He has delivered end-to-end projects, roll-outs, upgrades and also Support.

Key product development experience:

Public Sector, India (Solution Consulting, Application Consulting)
Food & Beverage major (Solution Consulting, Custom module implementation)
Oil & Gas giant (Custom module implementation, Integration Consulting)
Manufacturing major (Integration Consulting and Mobile Views Implementation)
Apparel & Footwear (Application Consulting)
Transportation & Logistics, Australia (Report Consulting)
Healthcare Service Provider (Application Consulting)
Retail giant (Application Consulting)
Resources major (Application and Integration Consulting)
Healthcare Service Provider (Engineer)
Resources major, India (Engineer)


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Research & Analysis

DOT1 Global Institute helps clients transform the way they do business and create significant performance improvement, through our rigorous & globally-focused research; and objective insights & analysis.

Product Development

Our Global Institute is unique, in being able to go beyond analysis & research, beyond presentation slides- and actually develop new products, product extensions, product improvements.

In line with DOT1's engagement philosophy- the Global Institute Delivers what it Advises and Optimizes what it Delivers.

We have a Systematic approach to Product Development beginning with a Fuzzy Framework:

  • Identification of design criteria -- involves brainstorming possible new products. Once an idea has been identified as a prospective product, a more formal product development strategy is applied.

  • Idea analysis -- involves a closer evaluation of the product concept. Market research and concept studies are undertaken to determine if the idea is feasible or within a relevant business context to the company or to the consumer.

  • Concept genesis -- involves turning an identified product opportunity into a tangible concept.

  • Prototyping -- involves creating a rapid prototype for a product concept that has been determined to have business relevance and value. Prototyping in this front-end context means a "quick-and-dirty" model is created, rather than the refined product model that will be tested and marketed later on.

  • Product development -- involves ensuring the concept has passed muster and has been determined to make business sense and have business value.

Design Thinking is central to our Product Development Approach:

  • Empathize -- Learn more about the problem from multiple perspectives.

  • Define -- Identify the scope and true nature of the problem.

  • Ideate -- Brainstorm solutions to the problem.

  • Prototype -- Weed out unworkable or impractical solutions.
  • Test -- Solicit feedback.

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