Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards is by far India’s first choice in wine. Sula’s award-winning wines are available nationwide at the finest hotels and restaurants, and are also exported throughout the world. The company is also a leading wine and spirits importer, with Sula Selections, a portfolio of prestigious brands like Remy Cointreau, Hardys, Ruffino and Asahi. Sula is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s most sustainable wine producers. Sula decided to implement an ERP to run it’s growing business. Sula understood that some of it’s key business processes were unique and it was critical to identify a solution platform and experienced vendor to reap maximum value from the ERP implementation project. The company sought to identify an onus consultant to drive this initiative.

DOT1 was responsible for solution evaluation & selection and also implementation partner selection for the ERP. DOT1 was subsequently appointed as onus consultant to ensure rigor in governance and management of project. DOT1 dovetailed it's Synchronized Fulfilment service product in governance & management to project delivery. Bringing in metric driven approach to management and governance. DOT1 created an elaborate and comprehensive Project Governance Plan, outlining scope management, effort management, risk & issue management, and monitoring of baselined schedule, timelines and plan. Specific detailing on topics like change management, change control, acceptance criteria, delivery model and communication plan ensure streamlining of governance and hand-over between stakeholders.


Delivering value

The framework leverages DOT1’s Advise, Deliver and Optimise tools & methods to catalyse your business transformation.DOT1 Academy’s focused and tailored programs, curated by our practitioners, provide ‘How To’ guidance at various stages of the engagement to enable people transformation.Synchronized Fulfilment framework dovetails with existing best management practices: PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments), PMP, ITIL, MSP (Managing Successful Programs).

DOT1 Project Manager will bring the rigor and best practice in Project Management, through a metric driven approach, and knowledge of multi-site implementation and vendor management.

Creating value

DOT1 combines it's three frameworks business & IT modelling, managing transfomational change and DOT1 Delivery Tools and Methods to accelerate and successfully deliver your portfolio,program and projects.

governance & management

Value proposition

DOT1 Synchronized Fulfilment, is a unique engagement framework that accelerates Deliver activities within your organization and for your clients. The framework is designed to deliver radical change and focuses on a Vision-led, Benefits-driven approach.It is flexible and can be easily tailored to projects and programs of different scale, or brought in to use at different points in their life-cycle. 

DOT1 brings diversity in management and governance of your portfolio,program and projects by providing onus project manager to drive your initiatives.