This paper lists down key measures and metrics that maybe adopted and used in projects to build rigor in project monitoring & reporting.

Type of metrics

In process metrics: This includes performance indicators that indicate project performance while it is still in execution. This may indicate need for corrective actions/change in plan.
Outcome metrics: This includes performance indicators that are measured after a deliverable if completed. This is usually used for establishing capability of a process.

Base measures

Base measures tell you where we are on the project and what have we completed so far.

Budget at Completion (BAC)
Planned Value (PV)
Earned Value (EV)
Actual Cost (AC)
Actual to Date (ATD)
Estimate to Complete (ETC)
Estimate at Complete (EAC)
Planned Start and End Dates
Forecast Start and End Dates
Actual Start and End Dates

Control metrics

Control metrics tell you how far off you are from plan. And are we accomplishing tasks at the rate we had planned?

Cost Performance Index (CPI)
Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
Cost Variance (CV)
Schedule Variance (SV)
Variance at Completion (VAC)

Process metrics

Deliverable Timeliness
Change Request Impact
Requirements Volatility (RV)
Peer Review Efficiency

Quality metrics

Peer Review Effectiveness
Testing Effectiveness
Cost of Quality Activities

cost of Rework

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