Creating value

The purpose of process improvement is to continually improve the enterprise’s effectiveness and efficiency. The purpose of process capability determination is to identify the strengths, weaknesses and risk of selected processes with respect to a particular specified requirement through the processes used and their alignment with the business need. The assessment, including frameworks and templates, have been derived from COBIT5 and ISO/IEC 15504.

Value proposition

DOT1 IT process capability assessment is designed to provide enterprises with a repeatable, reliable and robust methodology for assessing the capability of their IT processes. The assessment will dovetail into your organization’s process improvement program.It can then be used to report internally on the current capability of your IT processes against a target for improvement based on business requirements. The assessment can also be used as part of the initiation of a programme of process improvement or to assess progress after a period of process improvement.

Delivering value

The assessment process measures the extent to which a given process achieves specific attributes relative to that process— ‘process attributes.’ For each process assessed, a rating is assigned for each process attribute up to and including the highest capability level defined in the assessment scope.

it process capability assessment