Delivering value

Purpose of People Transformation is to help deliver the improvements and benefits that business seeks for employees:

  • Build their capabilities
  • Increase their capacity
  • Intensify their engagement
  • Develop deeper connections between purpose and meaning

DOT1 framework brings, to business & HR partners, a consistent theme to: the transformation process & methods and tools for sustaining changes in the long-term.

Creating value

DOT1 believes there are two key stakeholder drivers that are potentially reshaping the role of HR function:

  • The first relates to rapid growth of the knowledge economy, requiring organizations to build a committed and appropriately skilled workforce
  • The second, many administrative functions that were handled by HR departments, such as payroll, have been farmed out to 3rd parties

DOT1 believes there are two key stakeholder drivers that are potentially reshaping how organizations are doing business:

  • Competitive environment based on knowledge and the ability to exploit intangible and soft assets e.g. human capital, information systems and intellectual capital
  • Measuring and monitoring organization’s performance by integrating financial measures with learning and innovation

learning & growth

Value proposition

DOT1 believes that People Transformation is essential and bedrock for managing and driving business transformation. DOT1 framework for People Transformation is designed to deliver radical change and dovetails into industry prevalent life-cycles of managing business transformation, including DOT1’s proprietary framework for managing transformational change.