DOT1 combines it’s Advise, Deliver and Optimize service portfolios to bring to customer engagement a comprehensive Technology Services’ stack that will deliver the following benefits:

  • Aligning a business's strategic vision with its information technology
  • Connects different business units for synergistic communication and collaboration
  • Map, define and standardize technology, data, and business processes
  • Transforms tech-speak into the language of business solutions
  • Better return on existing IT investmentand reduced risk for future IT investment
  • Increased flexibility for business growth and restructuring
  • Faster time-to-marketfor new products or even operational innovations
  • Reduced business risk associated with IT
  • Bridging of the business strategy & implementation gap
  • More pertinent and relevant solutions for the business

LEAN is likely to be an iterative process of identifying, assessing, and delivering solution improvements. Potential improvements may be required because of:

  • Issues reported to business support
  • Performance issues
  • Business managers identifying improvement ideas
  • Customer feedback
  • Requirements from other business areas
  • New software/applications releases
  • Learning from other organizations
  • Legislation

DOT1’s LEAN framework dovetails to your continuous improvement process to ensure:

  • Benefits are sustainable
  • The solution is improved
  • And business does not return to the old ways of working

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