Delivering value

DOT1 works closely with leaders within your organization to determine strategic need for transformational change, and strategic outcomes which they seek from the program. The program dovetails into your portfolio, program or project management activities. Benefits management is tightly integrated with managing transformation programs, from benefits identification to realization. 

Creating value

Unlike process improvement, transformational change is not just ‘How can we do what we do better/cheaper/faster?’ It is about asking a more fundamental question: ‘Why we do what we do at all?’ Leaders should be able to answer:

  • What is transformational change?
  • What could be achieved?
  • What is the likely impact?
  • What is in it for me?

MANAGIng transformational change

Value proposition

DOT1 framework for managing transformational change is designed to deliver radical change.It focuses on a Vision-led, Benefits-driven approach. It is flexible and can be easily tailored to projects and programs of different scale, or brought in to use at different points in their life-cycle.It addresses three principal areas for change in the business- processes, organization structure and technology. It’s purpose is to help deliver the improvements and benefits that business seeks for:

  • Customers- better services and products
  • Employees- greater job satisfaction
  • Efficiency- better use of resources, doing more for less money