End-to-end process using ML techniques

Anonymous sales data uploaded to ERP

Anonymous sales data
& anonymous shopper

Less or no view of local demand

No customer value add

DOT1 Solutions Private Limited

Manual & siloed data

Customer centricity Serve the segment of one

Package-Enabled Transformation

PROCURE TO PAY------->>>>

FINANCE & -------------->>>>>


PLANNING   ------------>>>>>

CUSTOMER ----------->>>>>>>


Insights & Data
Create deep data and predictive insights from data generated at every customer touchpoint –physical, digital, and social. 

Insights & Data Driving revenue & loyalty with experience data

Predictive analytics against supplier Performance indicators

Poor visibility to in-transit inventory

High planning and logistics cost

Demand review after the fact

What we see too often

Huge volume of data, poor insights

Supplier Risk Management based on historical data

E2E process orchestration
Provide real-time consumer insights to internal and external fulfillment teams, distribution centers, manufacturers, and suppliers.


Manual intensive data reconciliation for reporting

Sell Outcomes

Experience management technology to turn customers into advocates, employees into ambassadors, and brands and products into obsessions. 

Package-Enabled transformation themes

Rethinking ground up

Service-driven business model

Limited view of customer needs & preferences

Consumer perceives brand value for life (product reuse, recycle, refurbish, resell)

​​Analysis of the performance of categories, products, attributes, locations, and customer segments to inform planning decisions

E2E process orchestration End-to-End Connected Digital Supply Chain 

Sell smart & sell outcomes
Extending Existing Business Models and Innovative Customer Engagement

Customer centricity

Design the right experience and service offerings to create hyper-loyal customers.