DOT1 believes:

  • What gets measured gets focused
  • What gets focused gets improved
  • What gets improved gets rewarded
  • What gets rewarded gets noticed
  • What gets noticed gets institutionalized

The toolset helps managers:

  • Predict performance
  • Plan realistic goals and
  • Improve performance
  • It helps leadership
  • Pre-empt escalations
  • Improve accountability and
  • Convincingly drive a point to the client and onsite delivery leads

DOT1 Solutions Private Limited

DOT1 reporting & monitoring tool-set focuses on a metric-driven approach:

  • In-process metrics: This includes performance indicators that indicate project performance while it is still in execution. This may indicate the need for corrective actions/changes in the plan
  • Outcome metrics: This includes performance indicators that are measured after a deliverable if completed. This is usually used for establishing the capability of a process.


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