Traditionally AMS programs focus on the Deliver stack with detailed activities in Transition, Baseline, and finally Steady State phase. The Deliver stack is governed and managed using a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based framework. 

DOT1 framework integrates it’s

Advisory, Delivery, and Optimize

service portfolios to enable a holistic approach to Application Maintenance Support (AMS). 

The framework is comprehensive, open and flexible, and current to your organization. 

The tool-set helps managers:

  1. Predict performance
  2. Plan realistic goals and
  3. Improve performance
  4. It helps leadership:
  5. Pre-empt escalations
  6. Improve accountability and
  7. Convincingly drive a point to the client and onsite delivery leads



DOT1 Solutions Private Limited

Book published by one of our practitioners ----->

DOT1 believes:

  • What gets measured gets focused
  • What gets focused gets improved
  • What gets improved gets rewarded
  • What gets rewarded gets noticed
  • What gets noticed gets institutionalized