DOT1 Solutions Private Limited

The framework is designed to deliver radical change and focuses on a Vision-led, Benefits-driven approach. It is flexible and can be easily tailored to projects and programs of different scales, or brought in to use at different points in their lifecycle. It addresses three principal areas for change in the business- processes, organization structure, and technology.

It’s purpose is to help deliver the improvements and benefits that business seeks for:

  • Customers- better services and products
  • Employees- greater job satisfaction
  • Efficiency- better use of resources, doing more for less money
  • The framework is leveraged to setup P3 Office within your organization

Portfolio, Program, Project, and IT Service lifecycles are ways of managing business transformation. DOT1 brings a unique framework that dovetails with existing best management practices: PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments), PMP, ITIL, MSP (Managing Successful Programs). DOT1 integrates it’s advisory methods in Managing Transformational Change and Business & IT Modelling with P3 lifecycles.