Delivering value

DOT1’s LEAN framework dovetails to your continuous improvement process to ensure:

  • Benefits are sustainable
  • The solution is improved
  • And business does not return to the old ways of working

LEAN is likely to be an iterative process of identifying, assessing and delivering solution improvements.Potential improvements may be required because of:

  • Issues reported to business support
  • Performance issues
  • Business managers identifying improvement ideas
  • Customer feedback
  • Requirements from other business areas
  • New software/applications releases
  • Learning from other organizations
  • Legislation

Creating value

The framework dovetails to your continuous improvement process to ensure that benefits are not lost to any changes that may have been made to solution. DOT1 reviews your continuous improvement process:

  • Assess all improvements against the program’s Vision, desired Outcomes and Benefits
  • Look for additional Benefits to enhance Benefits realization
  • Incorporate any actions from Benefits realization, which were not achieved during project implementation, into continuous improvement
  • Keep documentation delivered by the program up to date
  • Involve the Benefits Owners

solution improvement

Value proposition

DOT1 brings a unique engagement framework, LEAN, that will ensure that, post Go-Live and handover to business team, subsequent changes to delivered solution support the original Vision; and that all Benefits are Realized.