DOT1 Solutions Private Limited

What we see too often

Selecting a Technology Platform

Ways to drive engagement

Consumer-grade employee experience powered by live insights to help you make data-driven decisions

Digital Open Door

End-to-end listening technology designed to create conversations in moments that matter

Analytics and Insights

Making sense of massive data

ML to identify key employees for development

EMPLOYEE --------------->>>>


DATA  ---------------------->>>>>


E-2-E PROCESS ------>>>>>


INSIGHTS ----------->>>>>>>


Employee feedback fragmented

Workforce Experience (WX) themes

‚ÄčRethinking ground up

ML based recruitment, fitment to position

Increase workforce productivity with self-service that provides fast, intuitive access to important tasks across all devices.

Listen & capture Voice of Employee

Standardized HR processes focused on the entire workforce (including external labor)

Intelligent action plans

Automatic recommendations &  action plans that link to key drivers and areas identified in need of improvement

Quick Feedback & Action Mechanism, driving WX

Poor career management & talent retention

Employee Expectations

Understand every experience that matters to your employees

Workforce Experience

Real-time insight into
your entire workforce

Insight to possible outcomes through predictive analytics

Limited insight on outcomes

CX and WX are  intertwined

Service-driven business model

X + O Insights

Real-time insight into what is happening (O-data) to impact engagement as well as the why (X-data)

Understand touchpoints that matters to WX

Transformation opportunity

Long drawn recruitment process

Want to see changes based on feedback