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Features of our service

Experience the benefits of Cloud Computing

DOT1is mindful of what benefits your company can gain from using the Cloud. We have a group of experts on board that can advise, monitor, and deliver whether it is developing your cloud strategy, putting it into action or increasing your cloud security. We combine industry and cloud consulting expertise to meet the requirements of an organization. We are here to address your design, implementation and support concerns.


Highly Secure & Private

Cost Effective

Increased Accessibility

In today's fast paced world where you need to move quickly with your company's digitalization, our Cloud Consultants help you understand and audit your existing IT infrastructure and processes and develop a cloud strategy which best fits your business needs. Secure, fast and flexible, Cloud Migration helps in ensuring your business components are transferred from a local data center to a cloud.​

​​Ease of Use

Putting the entire business solution landscape onto a 24*7 Cloud Platform that brings ease of use and optimizes the hardware and software experience.


  • Scale up or down your business applications on demand 24*7 with ease.
  • Bring in modular scalability in the form of business optimization to address your business's dynamic need without having to use physical hardware.


​​SAP S/4 HANA Public and Private Cloud provide the highest security measure through encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication that protects your valuable data at all times.


Dramatically reduce your IT spend by eliminating the need for physical hardware and optimizing the need for skills/software to maintain it at your cost with SAP S/4 HANA Public and Private Cloud.

Securely access your data and applications anytime and anywhere via the internet.

Skilled Consultants

DOT1 is an authorized partner for SAP S/4 HANA public and private cloud.


Why choose dot1 as your cloud consultant?

Let us assist you in accelerating your Cloud journey.

Wanting to get rid of obsolete and increasingly inefficient Legacy Infrastructures?

​​DOT1has deep expertise in understanding specific customer requirements before they can start their cloud journey, justifying the need for customers to adopt and accelerate their cloud journey and delivering a seamless experience to customers to move to the cloud and optimize their resources for a 24*7 digital enterprise.

DOT1's team works closely with customers in developing their cloud roadmap strategy and implementing it in the optimum time frame.

DOT1is an authorized partner for SAP Rise with HANA and Grow with HANAPublic and Private Cloud.