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Transparent Communication


PLOT NO 22-23, KIADB Whitefield, ITPL Road,

Bangalore, Karnataka, 560037

DOT1 is passionate about creating an experience for our customers from the trenches through our knowledge and expertise in addressing today's fast-paced, ever-changing business environment and providing outcome-based business solutions.



120 & 121 Corporate Avenue , Sonawala Rd, Sonawala Industry Estate, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063

Engaged Developers

Globally Trusted Tech Partner

Your Trusted SAP Implementation Partner

We are trusted by clients across UK, US, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our company is built on trust. We cultivate client relationships in an open and honest way.

Our staff is available and proactive throughout the project, in order to learn about your ideas, address your concerns, and ensure everyone is on the same page. We take proactive measures to determine your needs.

Here are 9 reasons why you should choose us to build your infrastructure as well as advise you on projects that will reduce your risk.

Extended Support

When handling your project, our engineers make sure to consider the cost effectiveness and business effects.

To ensure that everyone is aware of what is happening, we avoid using technical jargon. We are aware that technology should assist people, not appear so complex as to deter users from utilizing it.


3rd floor Mahalaxmi Plaza VC-2 Sector 3 Vaishali Ghaziabad 201010.

Our most valuable asset is our workforce. Our mutual trust and empowerment lead to greater enjoyment. Our crew is dedicated, effective, and creative.

Let us assist you in your digital transformation journey

Transparency, clarity, and seamless information interchange is what we believe in. When you speak with our developers directly, you can communicate, make decisions, and discuss anything lot more quickly and effortlessly.

Individual Approach

We ensure that you receive flexibility in terms of service schedule, solutions and working hours. As a true partner, we are available to serve you always.

We are always at top at ensuring support to our clients. We don't just build, test, and release the software. We ensure our clients get support throughout and after.


Why choose DOT1 to work with you? 

Business Savvy

DOT1 is an Integrated Business Consulting and Technology Services firm. ​We serve organizations through our

Advise, Deliver and Optimize

service portfolios.
DOT1 specializes in delivering business outcomes through technology-led interventions such as implementation, roll-outs, application support, and upgrades for our SAP and UKG/ Kronos service lines.


No Geek Speak



Knowledge Transfer 


We help organizations connect the dots across their business and organization through our SAP, Kronos & Digital Solutions. We deliver what we Advise. We Optimize what we Deliver. The  DOT1 Delivery Tools & Methods ensure that your initiatives across people, processes, and technology lead to real measurable transformation.

We collate and share expertise within Dot1 as well as with our clients. Growing together technically is the secret sauce our clients value about us.