DOT1 Solutions Private Limited

Have ability to see real-time insights into your operations, reducing manual processes, and improving operational visibility. Automate timekeeping, scheduling, and leave management, reducing administrative burdens due to limited resources.

Startups & Unicorns

Media & Entertainment Industry

Streamline your company's operations, manage data, and comply with regulatory requirements. Our solutions include electronic data capture systems, clinical trial management systems, and regulatory compliance software.

QSR & Retail Industry

DOT1's services and solutions are transforming industries

Lifescience Industry

Improve your company's operations, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience. Our solutions include point-of-sale systems, inventory management software, and customer relationship management tools.

Manage your company's content, automate workflows, and analyze performance metrics. Our solutions include digital asset management systems, content distribution platforms, and audience analytics software.


Manufacturing Industry


Improve your company's processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Our solutions include production planning and scheduling tools, quality management systems, and supply chain management software.